Membership Application Form & Code Of Ethics




(As passed by the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) at the Annual General Meeting 30th November, 1988 and amended at subsequent Annual General Meetings)

That the Code of Ethics becomes a part of the Domestic Rules of the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) as follows:-
Section 1 - Compliance with Code of Ethics

Each member, upon signing an application for membership or renewal of membership of the Dobermann Club of WA (inc) and being duly elected to general membership of the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) shall in addition to agreeing to be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) be also bound by the Dobermann Club’s Code of Ethics, relating to responsible dog ownership including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposing of dogs by members to the effect of the terms and conditions set out under Section 2 hereof:-

Section 2 - Code of Ethics and Undertaking

In consideration of the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) electing me to its general membership and approval of that renewal from time to time, I pledge to the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) that:-

1. I shall ensure that at all time dogs under my control are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and receive proper Veterinary attention if and when required.

2. I shall not allow any dog under my care to roam at large and when away from home ensure they are under effective control, at all times.

3. I shall breed only for the purpose of improving the standard of the breed and not for the pet market or any other commercial purpose.

4. I shall not mate or inseminate any bitch registered in my name or kept by me before it is eighteen (18) months of age, and thereafter not more than once in each succeeding period of twelve months, provided however, that should it be necessary, through extenuating circumstances, to breed from a bitch twice within twelve months, I shall rest the bitch on the third season.

5. I shall not permit any of my purebred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross-bred dog, or to an unregistered dog of the same breed.

6. I shall not sell or otherwise transfer from my care any puppy under eight weeks of age.

7. I shall ensure that all persons acquiring a dog from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal.

8. I shall provide to all purchasers of dogs, or dogs placed by me, written details of all dietary requirements, an immunisation and worming record and future requirements and/or an appropriate publication relating to such requirements.

9. I shall not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or directly or indirectly allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.

10. I shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the Breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog.

11. I shall ensure when selling or transferring a dog to another person that the transfer documents shall be lodged with the Dogswest by me, within four weeks of the time of sale, unless papers are to be withheld.

12. I shall ensure that any condition relating to the sale, or transfer of any dog owned by me, such as with-holding of papers shall be clearly spelt out in a written agreement at the time of sale.

13. I shall, when taking part in any event that is recognised by the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc) conduct myself in a manner that will reflect credit upon me and the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc).

14. I shall confine any advertising and promotion, written or oral, to the aspects of my stock, and shall not make derogatory remarks or hints concerning the methods, animals or reputation of other breeders nor shall I make any unsubstantiated claims or statements.

Section 3
Any member failing to observe any provision of the Code of Ethics may be dealt with under the Rules of the Dobermann Club of WA (Inc).


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